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Daily driving and rough terrain affects the alignment of your vehicle and its suspension system.

The experienced technicians at Superior Auto Service can fix your car or truck when the alignment is off and the vehicle begins pulling to the left or right. We provide auto alignment repair in Rockville, MD, to restore your vehicle's alignment and improve the overall steering.

You also receive our car diagnostic service, letting you know if there are any other mechanical problems with your vehicle.

  • Full-Service Auto Suspension Repair

    Don't let other auto repair shops overcharge you for an auto suspension repair service. At our car repair shop, you'll always enjoy affordable and quality services that ensure a smooth and steady ride. Whether you need shock replacement or rack and pinion steering repair, our team has the tools and experience to do the job correctly every time.

    Affordable Shock And Strut Replacement

    If you're having a rough riding experience, then it usually indicates your shocks or struts are shot. Because these components ensure your car runs smoothly and safely, it is important to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop at the first sign of problems. Whether you need a front end repair or shock and strut replacement parts, you can trust our experienced team to provide affordable and quality services.

    Are you having trouble driving straight? It's most likely your wheels. Drive to our auto shop for an alignment repair service. With every bump in the road and every twist and turn, you car's wheels become slightly misaligned. Allow us to set things straight again so you can enjoy smooth and steady driving.

  • Alignment Services
  • Front End Repair And Suspension Maintenance

    Don't let your car's wheels tell you where to go. Take back control when your tires want to go in a different direction. By providing front end repair, we make steering easy and smooth again. Turn to us for affordable and prompt auto alignment repair services.

    We install and repair everything from CV joints and boots to springs, sway bars, shocks, and struts. Enjoy a smoother ride by trusting our experienced auto technicians for fast repairs with thorough results. The following are common signs that indicate you may need auto suspension repair work:

      • Stiff or Noisy Steering
      • Bouncy, Shaky, or Rough Ride
      • Car Sways or Leans on Turns
      • Car Unstable When Braking
      • Cupped or Uneven Tire Wear
      • Fluid Leaks from Shocks or Struts
      • Damaged or Worn Mounts or Bushings
      • Damaged Shocks or Struts

    Accurate Car Alignment Repair Services

    When your car is shaking and your wheels are pulling, it makes driving unsteady. Let our ASE-certified technicians help you stay safe on the road and enjoy smooth driving again. By providing tire alignment services, we extend the life of your tires while improving your safety and comfort.

    Contact us today with any questions about whether your vehicle is properly aligned. We are conveniently located to serve customers in and around Rockville, Wheaton, Aspen Hill, Silver Spring, and North Potomac, MD.

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